Hello and welcome to Leannimals.

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Let me introduce myself, I am Leann Johnson and I communicate with animals.

I am an Animal Communicator/Psychic Intuitive and have been talking with animals all my life.


A goal in my life is to help pets and their owners to understand one another.

In doing this I believe that once people learn what their pets are telling them and how they would like to be treated, people would start to treat each other better.

The better owners are able to understand what their pets needs are, the less abused and abandoned animals would be in this world.


I was given a gift of being able to see what animals see and feel.

This gift does not only happen with domestic pets but with all gods creatures domestic or wild. And when I say animals, I mean all forms of animal be they finned, furry, feathered or scaly.


Everyone and every animal has a story to tell. It is just a matter of knowing how to listen.